Design Academy Eindhoven pressphoto by Ronal Smits of Fransje Gimbrere with her 3D-handwoven objects for in the interior
Abstract colorblock compilation of Standing Textiles
standing handwoven objects from textile
Organic shape, handwoven red arch
Blue handwoven wall, room divider
3dimensionally handwoven red chaise longue baring human weight
Sketch of architectural possibilities of Standing textile
Sketch of standing textile as architectural upholstry

    Standing Textile(s)

    The desire to bring textile into the interior in a different way than we are used to, resulted in a technique that creates fragile looking skeletons,
    that give the suggestion of a solid volume.
    The lack of support and hollowness make them seem on the edge of breaking,
    though their structure is strong and sturdy.
    They can not only carry themselves, but also the human body.

    The volumes are built up, thread by thread, on a custom-made weaving loom.
    3D-woven configurations are experimentally discovered on the spot.
    An engaging play of repetition and overlapping lines
    create an interesting visual interference.

    This method creates endless possibilities in shape, material and application,
    giving direction within the interior, without diminishing the sense of space.

    ‘Standing Textile(s)’ is a thorough material and form study,
    where the craft of weaving fuses with new technologies and aesthetics,
    questioning the use of textiles in interiors.

    Design Academy Eindhoven – Graduation – 2017